LYFT Promo Code Up to $50 Credit for New Riders

How to Install the Lyft App

  1. Go to your local app store from your phone: the iOS App Store for iPhones or Google Play Store for Androids.
  2. Download and install the free Lyft app.
  3. Try to contain your excitement; you're almost ready for your first Lyft ride

Applying a promo code

Promo codes are entered directly into the app.

When you finish signing up, check the ‘Payment’ tab — you may see the code.
If it’s not there, you can also enter it manually. The code is crystallake.

To enter a promo code, open up your app and scroll to the bottom of the ‘Payment’ section to use the 'Add credit code’ box.

After you enter it, you’ll see whether or not the code was accepted, its amount and expiration date, and any other terms.

Signing up for a Lyft account

Creating a Lyft account is easy! You can connect to the app with Facebook or your phone number. If you connect with Facebook, we use your Facebook name, picture, and email. If you connect with your phone number, you enter that info manually.

Age requirement: To create a Lyft account, request a ride, or have a ride requested for you, you must be at least 18 years old. A passenger can be any age as long as they're accompanied by an adult.

Connecting with FacebookFirst, make sure you're signed into the correct Facebook account on your device.
  • Android: Check your Facebook app or web browser.
  • iPhone: Check Facebook under Phone Settings as well as your web browser or Facebook app.
The Lyft app should automatically link to your Facebook, so you’ll see your smiling face in your profile picture in the Lyft app. The first name you have on your Facebook will be the name we use, and the email address used to create your Facebook profile will be the one in our system (where we'll send your ride receipts).

Connecting with your phone number

Type in the phone number for the mobile device you're using.
We want to make sure you're human! You'll be asked to verify your phone number by entering a code which will be sent via text message.
The text message should arrive immediately, but if you don't receive it you can select the option to "resend code."
Type in your name, email address, and take a selfie so your driver can see who they'll be picking up.