Ramapo Mountain Lakes, Inc.

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Ramapo Mountain Lakes, Inc. (RML) is the Oakland NJ Corporation that owns Crystal Lake and Mirror Lake and the properties that adjoin both lakes. RML has operated the Crystal Lake Beach Club during the summer season since 1948. Governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors elected by our shareholders, RML’s goal is to maintain and preserve our lakes as recreational assets for our community now and for future generations of Oakland residents. Crystal Lake, located on Lakeshore Drive, is a twenty six acre, recreational area for swimming, boating, fishing, and relaxing in the sun or in the shade on our tree lined beach. Mirror Lake, located on Seminole Avenue, is a 3.6 acre recreational lake suitable for catch-and-release fishing with a quiet, open area for relaxing, bird watching, and contemplation of nature.

National House and Farms Association, Inc. (NH&FAI) purchased over 700 acres of land in Oakland in 1936 for the purpose of developing and selling lots. NH&FAI incorporated Ramapo Mountain Lakes, Inc. as a New Jersey corporation in 1944. It subdivided the lots and built roads and houses from the 1940’s through 1954. Each property owner received one voting share in Ramapo Mountain Lakes, Inc. for each lot purchased.

Most RML shareholders do not have an actual original or duplicate stock certificate, which has no nominal value. Stock certificates cannot be bought or sold separately from the sale of an RML property.

RML shareholders have access to Crystal Lake and Mirror Lake for boating and fishing. Shareholders who are not lakefront homeowners must purchase a Crystal Lake Beach Club membership for swimming during the summer season.


Ramapo Mountain Lakes, Inc. operates in accordance with the following By-Laws.

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