Property and Maintenance Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

The following document is a compilation of frequently asked questions and answers related to RML property and maintenance fees.

File Name: RML P&M Fee FAQ

RML introduced annual Property and Maintenance Fees in 2012 to pay for the many expenses related to owning and maintaining Crystal and Mirror Lakes, including property taxes, dam maintenance, state mandated dam inspections, and insurance.

To review the many expenses, download the RML 2017 P&M Budget.

P&M fees are not used to pay for Beach Club expenses which are maintained in a separate account.

RML mails a Property and Maintenance Fee Invoice to each shareholder in February. Each invoice includes the shareholder name(s), owner’s address, and the current RML property block and lot number. The invoice includes the current fee and any unpaid fees for previous years.

The 2017 Property and Maintenance Fees are:

Crystal Lake Lakefront Property Owner: $390.00

Mirror Lake Lakefront Property Owner: $95.53

Non-Lakefront Property Owner: $47.76

The due date for Property and Maintenance fee is March 31.

For shareholders who did not pay their Property and Maintenance Fee, please mail your check to RML, Inc., PO Box 272, Oakland, NJ 07436. If you did not retain the original invoice, please include the block number and lot number of your property on your check.

Informational Meeting: January 26, 2012

RML conducted an informational meeting January 26, 2012 at the Valley Middle School to explain the introduction in 2012 of annual shareholder maintenance fees.
Eileen McCarthy Born, RML Attorney, described the formation of RML, the chain of title in RML shareholder properties that refers to one of the RML Maps filed in Bergen County, by developer National House & Farms Association, Inc. and the New Jersey case law related to maintenance obligations of lake community property owners.
The attached document is the Analysis of Formation of RML that meeting attendees received.