Crystal Lake Lakefront Property Owners

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions that we receive from Crystal Lake lakefront property owners and the answers to each questions follow: 

1. When can I do maintenance on my lakefront property such as dock repair, dock replacement, retaining wall repair / replacement, or removal of debris on the lakebed ?

Answer. Lakefront maintenance work should be scheduled to occur in October. The New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife is the agency that sets the guidelines for when a lake can be lowered for any purpose, including maintenance work. Mid-September through October is the most acceptable and desirable time of year to conduct a lowering. N.J.A.C. 7:25-6.25 states, all waters in New Jersey located North of Route 195 must be drawn down to their full permitted extent by November 1, in order to protect hibernating aquatic biota. In addition, no waters should be lowered from July 1 to September 15, except in the event of a Department of Environmental Protection Dam Safety mandated lowering. 

Please note that removal of leaves, branches, trash, and other debris from the lake and lake bed benefits the health of the lake and reduces the amount of debris that clogs the trash racks in front of the two low level outlets. Cutting and removing low hanging tree branches and dead branches benefits the lake community. Never throw anything into the lake. 

2. If I decide to do maintenance on my property that requires the lake level to be low, who should I notify and when?

Answer: Notify RML by calling 201-337-9708 and recording a message or send an email to The work should be scheduled to occur during October. RML will not start to lower the lake before the end of September. 

3. What is the process for lowering the lake level when a heavy rainfall is predicted and the possibility of flooding of low lying properties is possible?

Answer: The Oakland Department of Public Works opens the outlet gates, when the National Weather Service predicts one inch or more of rain in a twenty four hour period. RML closes the outlet gates, when the possibility of flooding ends.
4. Can I use the beach during the summer season?

Answer: All Crystal Lake lakefront property owners who have paid their Property & Maintenance fee can use the beach during beach hours. The Property & Maintenance Fee includes a full Family Membership. A full Family Membership includes beach membership for two adults and all children 0 -17 years of age living in the house. During your first visit to the beach you will receive a beach badge for your family. Please show that badge each time you enter.

If you wish to bring guests, you can purchase a guest pass at the front gate. The fees are $12.00 for each Adult and $10.00 for each child or senior. 
Refer to the Beach Club Schedule on the Home page for beach operation hours. The Beach opens Memorial Day Weekend and is only open weekends until the Oakland School District’s school year ends. You can find the latest school calendar during April/May of each year at

RML allocates the entire P&M fee from Crystal Lake lakefront property owners to the P&M income account. None of the fee is used to pay for Crystal Lake Beach Club expenses. The rationale for the allocation is that Crystal Lake lakefront property owners have full time access to the lake for swimming and boating. Some lakefront property owners never go the Beach Club. Others go there often during the summer months.
5. What are the rules for those of us who have boats?

Answer: No boats are allowed between the swim dock and the roped swim area at any time.
All boats should keep a safe distance from the swim area dock during beach hours.  No boats are allowed to come ashore on the sandy beach property at any time. All boats should exit and enter only from the boat launch parking area. Boaters who wish to enter the beach area must check in at the Beach Club front desk. Boaters should adhere to recognized boat safety rules at all times. Life vests should be worn and safe boating rules should be followed.

Lifeguards are on duty to protect the swimming population at the beach. They cannot see boaters at all locations within the lake. Please keep this in mind and follow safety rules for your own protection.

If you decide to keep a boat at the parking lot boat launch area, you must register your boat through our website. RML is not responsible for any damage to the boat or theft of any personal property. Please lock your boat to the area you are assigned.