Crystal Lake Dredging

Crystal Lake Dredging: 1968-1970

A major dredging project occurred from 1968 to 1970. Refer to the Crystal Lake Dredging 1968-1970 document to see project photos from the RML files. 

Note: RML would like to receive additional photos, articles, and personal recollections of the dredging project. Please refer to the Contact Us page for our telephone number and email address.

Crystal Lake Dredging: 2012-2013

The Borough of Oakland’s contractor removed 15,000 cubic yards of material from Crystal Lake in 2012-2013 as part of the Ramapo River Stabilization Project. Refer to the Crystal Lake Dredging 2012-2013 document for a description and photos of this project.

Crystal Lake Dredging Frequently Asked Questions

The following document is a compilation of frequently asked questions and answers related to Crystal Lake Dredging.

File Name:  DredgingFAQ.pdf