RML Meetings

RML Board of Directors Meetings

DateType Location
July 6 , 2017

RegularCrystal Lake Beach Club

The RML Board of Directors conducts six regular meetings each year to discuss business. The meetings are generally held during the months of January, April, May, July or August, and October. Additional meetings may be conducted in June and/or November.

The meetings are held on Thursday evenings starting at 7 pm at the Valley Middle School Library. Shareholder and non-shareholder guests are welcome to attend.

Meeting dates are posted on this page but may change on short notice.

Annual Shareholders Meeting

An Annual Shareholders Meeting is held the first Friday of March.

RML prepares for each Annual Shareholders Meeting by sending a package of information in February to each shareholder. The package includes the President’s letter, an individual Property and Maintenance Fee invoice, a Beach Club membership application, an Events Schedule, a Swim Lessons brochure, and a Proxy Ballot card.

The proxy ballot cards enable each shareholder to vote for the listed directors or to write in the names of other candidates. Each director has a three year term. Signed and dated Proxy Ballot Cards must be returned to RML before the meeting date to be counted.

If a shareholder prefers to vote in person at the meeting, RML will provide an in-person ballot at the shareholder meeting during check in. A completed proxy cannot substitute for an in-person ballot for a shareholder who attends the meeting.

RML conducted the 2017 Annual Shareholders Meeting on March 3, 2017.  Attendees received the following presentation document: